Animal by-products manufacturing

The global objective of PILOT-ABP is to provide the animal by-products manufacturing industry with technologies to help obtain better economic return, while the environmental impact of the process decreases and improves the industrial process with less energy use and better final products properties. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Application of pyrolysis to ABPs to obtain mainly bio oil as a fuel or as a source of fats and oils with greater purity. As by-products of the process, coal will be obtained as well as an aqueous phase that could be used as liquid fertilizer.
  • Application of new extraction technologies based on the rendering process in order to obtain animal oils with higher value.
  • Obtaining of gelatine and collagen derivatives for manufacturing functional and biodegradable, more ecological and sustainable biopolymers based on the rendering process.

As a result of the three demonstration plants, it is expected to obtain:

  • A bio oil, as the main product of the innovative process of pyrolysis, to be used as fuel and/or to obtain oils or other specific added-value products.
  • A low amount of char that can be recovered as energy in gasification plants.
  • An aqueous phase with soluble substances that can be recovered as a liquid fertiliser.
  • High-value oils and fatty acids obtained by splitting fatty animal by-products. These new oleic-based products will be addressed to the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • Protein-based materials in the generation of multiple added-value products.
  • Functional products of growing demand, such as microencapsulated active substances or stabilised nanoparticles.
  • Biodegradable products, such as bio-based adhesives for the wood, bookbinding and footwear industries, among others.
  • New bio-based flocculants, emulsifiers or foaming agents for the chemical industry.









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