The Octave™ Chromatography System

10th June 2016

Semba Biosciences’ Octave System is an automated liquid chromatography platform designed for preparative-scale purification of chemical and biological compounds.

It consists of a bench-top multicolumn system that is capable of simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography protocols and other continuous multicolumn protocols, where productivity is increased up to 20-fold compared to conventional single-column methods. 

SMB chromatography is a well-established technology based on simulating a counter current contact between the solid (stationary) phase and the liquid phase. It is widely used in separation of sugars, racemic drugs and drug intermediates at commercial scale, since it has been shown to be more beneficial in terms of productivity, such as product concentration and reduced use of solvents/buffers, while retaining product purity. As far as protein purification is concerned, most common methods for purifying proteins use one or more liquid chromatographic steps in which single columns are employed in a linear process. Whereas these methods are often sufficient for analytical scale separations, they can become cumbersome and expensive when larger amounts (hundreds of milligrams to multiple grams) of purified protein are required. When large amounts of purified proteins are desired, SMB can offer a substantial advantage over single column-based linear protocols since, being a continuous process, it is more suitable for large scale manufacturing of proteins/therapeutics.

Semba Octave System accommodates eight chromatographic columns arranged in series and connected through a pneumatic valve array. The Octave System allows the use of a wide range of chromatography columns and media; columns can vary in size and can be packed with a variety of chromatography media based on silica particles or any polymeric resin.

Fluid flow is controlled by four independent pumps. The valve and pump configuration provides ultimate flexibility in programming chromatographic protocols, which can be attained via the SembaPro software. Dramatic increases in solid phase utilization and solvent recovery are achieved through synchronous switching of input and output streams through the eight column positions.

Various system configurations are available for separations ranging from small organic compounds to large biomolecules at gram to kilogram scale. The system is optimized for continuous operation for multiple cycles of purification.

The Semba Octave System is equipped with a seamless integrated 4XE UV-VIS Detector which provides simultaneous detection at up to four different wavelengths ranging from 190 nm to 840 nm.

Thanks to its reduced dimensions and compact design, the Semba Octave System brings the high resolution and efficiency of SMB chromatography to the bench-top.


Chromatography Benefits:

• Higher recovery and purity

• Lower solvent consumption

• Higher productivity (up to 20-fold compared to batch systems)

• Compatible with multiple separation chemistries

• Scalable from grams to kilograms of purified product


In addition to continuous chromatography, the Octave System can also run:

• Single column for method development

• Columns in tandem for multistep purification schemes requiring different chromatography media

• Columns in parallel for chromatography media scouting and process development


• Bulk separations

• End product purifications

• Impurity analysis

• Chiral separation

• Process development

• Desalting

• Group-specific separations

• High potency API production



• mAbs, recombinant proteins

• Polymers

• Natural products

• Sugars, sugar alcohols, oligosaccharides

• Amino acids

• Organic acids

• Fatty acids

• Enantiomers